Paris, Chinatown – Letting you in on our favorite restaurant and pastry shop!

Feature Photo for Chinese New Year Resto picks 2013

Images/Graphics by Bellanda ®

I have been going back and forth on the subject of revealing some of my favorite places to eat in Paris ever since I started my Twitter account (@BellandaInParis).  At the time, I was rather reticent.  I’m a private person when it comes to keeping my family life and my public life separate, and believe it or not this subject actually became a household one.  There was even a fleeting moment during the discussion in which I was horrified to discover that I have a selfish side I never knew existed.  What if everyone found out about these places and there were no tables left for us?  I was appalled!  Could I be that selfish?  I quickly tried to push that thought out of my head as my dear man and I decided that it would be best to keep the places we frequent to ourselves.  At the time I convinced myself that I was just protecting my family.  That seemed to ease my conscience, somehow… that is, until the day when I started my blog.

It’s funny how a blog can put a whole new perspective on the way you look at things.  In addition, there is a lovely relationship developing with those of you who follow my blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts that I never imagined.  Your tweets, comments and interactions have touched me greatly, and the tremendous support I have received on my relatively new blog has amazed me.  It feels much like a ‘family’ the way you share your stories and experiences in the comment section of this blog.  I love what is developing here… and it seems only normal to share with you.  I mean, how could I not let you in on some of these places?

On one of our last visits to Paris, Chinatown.  I just had to share this wonderful experience with you.  The restaurant that I am going to let you in on is called “La Lune.”  At first sight, you might walk by this place… but don’t!  We have tried many places over the years, but have been going to this little ‘find’ for the last seven years.

Images/Graphics by Bellanda ®

Images/Graphics by Bellanda ®

I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures for you and wouldn’t let anyone eat until I had taken at least one good shot of a few of our favorite dishes.  I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, which can be slightly annoying if you are hungry and the person standing between you and the food is taking their time to carefully place the dish, moving it around in such a way so as to show the food as it should be presented.  I have to admit, I’m lucky.  I think my little ones and sweet man are starting to go with the whole photo blogging flow of things… but after a while the kids were like, “Okay, Mom, can we eat now?”

The food is the best we have found in Paris, Chinatown to this day.  No, we haven’t tried everywhere, but it did take us 3 years to find this place and we have no intention of going elsewhere.  I think you will understand why when you see the photos.

Nems, as they are called here.  I can feel my mouth beginning to water for these crispy delights!

Nems, as they are called here… They are crispy delights!
Photo by Bellanda ®

Spicy Caramel PorkPhoto by Bellanda ®

Spicy Caramel Pork served in the pan it was cooked in!
Photo by Bellanda ®

Let me start by saying, no, they are not worms!  This is a sort of country style pasta that goes amazingly well with our usual Spicy Caramel Pork.Photo by Bellanda ®

Let me start by saying, no, these are not worms.  This is a sort of country-style pasta noodle that goes amazingly well with our Spicy Caramel Pork.
Photo by Bellanda ®

As we were leaving the restaurant, the owner gave us each an orange for luck and wealth in the New Year of the Snake.  With stomachs full and a happy heart, we walked down the road to our next favorite spot.  The sights were wonderful to see.  We happened upon some of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Images/Graphics by Bellanda ®

Happy New Year and Good Health Banners lined the streets as local merchants prepared for a parade.
Images/Graphics by Bellanda ®

For us, no visit to Paris, Chinatown would be complete without stopping off at our favorite pastry shop.  It’s not surprising to find a line, but we definitely believe it well worth the wait if you are looking for delicious traditional Chinese cakes, cookies and pastries.

Images/Graphics by Bellanda ®

Images/Graphics by Bellanda ®

Take a look at some of their specialties!

On the left, you will find a vanilla cake that is cooked using vapor.  At first I cringed at the idea of a cake being cooked by vapor, but am happy we listened to the wonderful sales lady who recommended it.  One little detail not to be missed is that this cake can only be found during the Chinese New Year season.Photo by Bellanda ®

Photo by Bellanda ®

On the left, you will find a moist vanilla cake that is cooked by using steam.  At first I cringed at the idea, but I am happy we listened to the wonderful sales lady who recommended it.  Oh, one little detail not to be missed is that this cake can only be found during the Chinese New Year season.

Candied Coconut and Candied Lotus Seeds are also Chinese New Year treats found once a year.Photo by Bellanda ®

Candied Coconut and Candied Lotus Seeds are also Chinese New Year treats found once a year.
Photo by Bellanda ®

We obviously haven’t tried everything, but have every intention to do so.  With each visit, we add something new to our ever-growing list of favorites.  And yes, we wait impatiently for the ‘coco confit’ each year and have added the moist vanilla steamed cake to the list of New Year’s treats.  If you are like us, we stock up and fill up to help us wait it out.  In the meantime, their various other cakes and cookies fill the void perfectly.

There you have it!  Now that I’ve revealed our two favorite Paris, Chinatown locations… the only request I make is that if by some chance you happen to be at the restaurant… and there are no tables left for us… would you mind sharing yours like one big happy family?

Somehow I feel I might need to apologize for this blog post.  As my mouth waters and my stomach growls, perhaps I should have warned you that reading this would lead to the possibility of making you hungry for Chinese Food.  I don’t know about you, but I know what I am going to eat as soon as possible!


10 thoughts on “Paris, Chinatown – Letting you in on our favorite restaurant and pastry shop!

  1. The Chinese restaurant and bakery you mentioned looks good. I’ll have to try them when i get to Paris. There is no Chinatown where I live and it’s not often I eat Chinese food except when I travel home and when I encounter other “authentic” style chinese food in my travels.


  2. I love Patisserie de Choisy and getting their goodies, and I remember early on when I have just moved to Paris and having a rather bad day, my friend surprised me by arriving at my doorstep with durian and green tea macarons from PdC. Totally made my day!


    • Sounds like a very good friend! 🙂 I can understand how their cakes and such made you feel better. Just talking about them is giving me cravings.
      Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your wonderful story.


  3. Yum. And of course, if we are ever lucky enough to be in Paris again and spot you and your family while eating at these places, you are welome to join us.


  4. Thank you for another great post ! Your husband and children must really enjoy going out to dinner with you( and your camera/phone ) lol. Now that I am starving after looking at all the food with your great pictures, I’m wondering, does anyone offer delivery service ?


    • Thank you… So glad you liked it! If it is any consolation, I have been craving Chinese food ever since I wrote this post last night. While I was editing the photos and working on the graphics, my stomach started growling (it was around midnight when I finished this post). Pure torture! lol Hmmm… I wonder how many people will be eating Chinese food after reading this post…


    • Hello! Again, congratulations on your move here! It is so nice to have you join me on my blog. Yes, definitely make note of these places… Chinese food cravings here in Paris used to make me crazy before we found these places.

      Feel free to ask if you have any questions… You can connect with me here or via one of the links on the right of my blog (Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, etc.)

      I look forward to reading about your experiences on your blog. 🙂
      Best wishes to you on the move.


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