Monday Morning Bus Commute in Paris

Monday Morning Commute Bellanda ®

Monday Morning Commute
Bellanda ®

No matter where you live, many people feel the same way about Monday morning and all it stands for… especially when you need to commute by car, bus, metro or subway.  I often work from home, but today I needed to take the bus to see one of my favorite clients.  As usual, I dropped my little darlings off at school and literally dragged myself to the counter of one of my local morning coffee joints to fill up on my first espresso. Today, I made that one a double in order to give myself extra strength for the bus commute, and all that goes along with it. With espresso coursing through my system and a deep breath, I joined the morning race.

While waiting for the bus, I realized that everyone was trying to figure out where the bus would stop so that they could strategically place themselves exactly where the doors would open.  I’m not proud to say this, but I was one of them.  As the bus approached, the mass of people started to move almost in unison to the entrance of the bus.  Whether you wanted to or not, you were moved along with them. The doors opened, and although seemingly polite, the majority of people scrambled to get on board to get a seat before everyone else.  As I approached the very last empty seat, a kind man quickly moved his briefcase and placed it on his lap so that I could sit down.  Phew!

I tend to be a people watcher, and at times find different ways to amuse myself during the commute, however juvenile that may sound.  In a matter of no more than 2 minutes, the game began with the very first yawn.  I sat and counted how many people were infected by this yawn… one… two… three… four… and then I began to feel the urge.  As silly as it sounds, I did not want to lose this game so I fought it.

Just as I got myself back under control, the woman sitting across from me yawned one of the biggest yawns I have ever seen!  She was so immersed in her book that she didn’t even bother to try to hide it.  This time I was sure that I was going to lose my little childish game and join the rest of the tired morning commuters.  I looked away from her and happened to look out of the window.  Immediately, I thought, what on earth am I doing?

The bus was riding along the river, with a view of Notre Dame in all of its glory.  It’s funny how quickly one can get lost in a morning routine & forget that they’re in one of most beautiful cities in the world.  I smiled and thought, oh right, Paris!  Thank goodness my blindness in the eyes of beauty was only temporary.   I sat back and soaked in the beauty of everything from a smile to the architectural masterpieces before my eyes.