Paris: Winter Wonderland 2018

It’s snowing… real snow, not the usual dusting that disappears almost as soon as it hits the ground. If you’ve seen some of the photos of Paris this week, you might be shaking your heads. Yes, I know what real snow is; I lived in NY before I moved here. No, it’s not like in NY, Canada or any other winter weather place BUT it is the most snow we’ve had in Paris in decades. For that reason, I’m going to ask you be kind and to forgive our excitement over a couple of inches of snow. For us, this snow storm has been a BIG deal.

I was like a child running around the apartment to look out of all of the windows. Paris is beautiful in white! I jumped up to get ready to go out and explore when I realized that I don’t own snow boots. No problem! Almost instinctively, I threw on my 11 year old daughter’s boots and let out a sigh of relief as I realized they fit. I probably I should  have been relieved that my daughter has cool taste in shoes, but if I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t even think about it until I sat down to write this post. I would have worn just about anything not to miss out on this. Her funky looking brown mountain boots were perfect.

We are not used to getting snow, so it makes sense that Paris is not equipped to handle the kind of snow we’ve gotten. As a result, it was a no bus, no car kind of day. Things tend to slow or shut down here in situations like this, but it was the perfect excuse to do nothing but walk around and admire ones surroundings.

Paris Winter Wonderland 2018 – Daumesnil Lake, Bois de Vincennes, Paris – Photo by Bellanda

My first stop was the Bois de Vincennes, Paris… Lake Daumesnil to be exact. I’ve had my own little love affair with this place since 1993. In all of the years I have been visiting this spot, I’ve never seen such a transformation… a literal winter paradise!



Lake Daumesnil – Bois de Vincennes, Paris – Photo by Bellanda

Lake Daumesnil - Bois de Vincennes, Paris - Photo by Bellanda

Winter Wonderland at Lake Daumesnil – Bois de Vincennes, Paris – Photo by Bellanda

Paris Metro

Paris Metro – Photo by Bellanda


Between Paris, Bois de Vincennes and the adorable Charenton le Pont – Photo by Bellanda

Charenton le Pont

Church in Charenton le Pont, an adorable town across the street from the Bois de Vincennes, Paris – Photo by Bellanda

By night fall, the snow was still very much present around the city.

Paris under a blanket of snow

Paris under a blanket of snow – Photo by Bellanda

Eiffel Tower snow 2018

Eiffel Tower – Photo by Bellanda


Paris Metro – Photo by Bellanda

Eiffel Tower by Bellanda

Eiffel Tower, Paris – Photo by Bellanda


Surrounded by snow, this little lady is even more beautiful.

I would have liked to take more photos, however, I don’t think I will be out and about anytime soon. This little lady caught a cold. No worries, it was worth it. I’ll just have to put out missing ads in the lost and found for my ego and my NY skin. *Yikes!

Sending you all snowy (germ-free) greetings from Paris…


13 thoughts on “Paris: Winter Wonderland 2018

  1. nice winter photos yes indeed is not usual here but have lived in NJ and this is nothing. We had big ones in 2010 while I worked in Paris and lived in Versailles, then the city was completely block by the police no cars allowed in. I went in on the side of the Chateau to get my kids from a bus stop in near the Castle !!

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    • What an exciting story! We moved here in 2002, and I remember getting a little snow back in 2013, but nothing like this. I must have been away for the 2010 storm, but I read that Paris got a little more than 4 inches back then. They are saying that this week’s storm was the largest snow accumulation in the French capital since 1987. Glad I got to witness it. Thank you for sharing your story… so interesting!


  2. I loved your account of Paris in the snow. Bellonda, your blogs are amazing , enlightening pieces of knowledge with a little humor that makes me love your words. Thanks

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  3. Wonderful to see the snow in Paris. Also happy that you had a wonderful time walking in the snow. The pictures are beautiful. Now do take care of yourself and get better soon. I hear a good warm bowl of soup is always good when you are sick. Take care Bellanda.

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