I’m from New York and am presently living in Paris, France doing what I love: writing/screenwriting, painting, photography & social media managing.

I believe in following my instincts, as well as my dreams, and doing what it takes to make them a reality. Life is indeed precious and one never knows the time we have on this earth. When bumps arrive on this journey of life, and yes they arrive even in Paris… I believe in trying to find the good, funny, and positive of the situation (even if I have to dig deep at times to do so).

Although my life sounds ideal to many, I was once a shattered and frail being holding on by a thread. This thread of hope brought me to where I am today. One must never give up on hope, for I am proof that some of our most beautiful days, might be those we have yet to live. My personal motto: “Believe in dreams and fear not the realization of them.”

Thank you for being here with me on my blogging journey and on my journey in ‘Living the dream in Paris, France’ – the good, the bad and the everyday things that make life special and/or down right ordinary in an extraordinary place.

Bellanda ®

Contact:   livingthedreaminparis@gmail.com 


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